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Bourne Again

The Jason Bourne films are some of the best spy thrillers of the 21st century. They turned Matt Damon into an action star, added a touch of intelligence into an otherwise typically-braindead genre, and brought us a whole new level of shaky cam.

Recap: June 2023

June was a fantastic month for Reelay. We brought on a lot more users, had incredible Reelays sent out into the world, and the addition of customizable watchlists became an absolute game changer. So, let’s take a look back at the month of June and see the numbers.

The Power of Customizable Watchlists: Enhancing Your Movie and TV Viewing Experience

We are proud to announce that Reelay has just introduced a customizable watchlist. We made this update because, in the digital era, where entertainment options are vast and readily available, a customizable watchlist emerged as a valuable tool for movie and television enthusiasts. By allowing users to curate and organize their preferred content, these personalized lists offer numerous advantages that greatly enhance the viewing experience.

Who Watches the Watchlist?

With countless films released each year, it can be challenging to remember the ones you’ve watched or keep track of those you want to see. However, by utilizing Reelay’s watchlist, you can streamline your movie-watching experience, ensuring you never miss out on a cinematic gem.


Our creators make Reelay the fantastic app it is. Their love of movies, dedicated fandom, and creative endeavors make Reelay a fun and welcoming platform. Occasionally, we like to spotlight some of our creators and provide insight into who they are and why they’re integral to our Reelay community. This week, we spoke with @Echowood, […]